In this page will be examples of unusual or experimental camoflage that have been tried on various aircraft. There will me no special, anniversary, or agressor schemes shown here. Those will be held for other sections as time permits.

First subjects will be Heater-Ferris schemes of the mid 1970s starting with the F-14 Tomcat

  Diagram of scheme

A number of aircraft were painted in this scheme using a combination of colors, but their success was inconclusinve. One thing that did come from these tests were the false canopy painted on the bottom of the aircraft. In addition to VF-1, VF-2, VF-124 and VX-1 tried Heater Ferris schemes. The colors used were FS. 36231/36440/36622 going from dark on top to light on the bottom. There were other colors used as can be seen by these images of aircraft from VF-124 and VX-4

Thanks to Aerofax and FAOW for the use of thier images to illustrate this segment

The Heater-Ferris scheme was also tried on the F-15 Eagle. As with the Navy tests, results were inconclusive and the scheme was not put into wide use.

  Diagram of scheme

Four aircraft were used in the test and the camoflage was quite similar to that on the F-14. To see the colors and combinations used, go the the diagram.

Thanks to Aero Publishers for the use of thier images to illustrate this segment