Non-Aircraft and Aircraft Specials

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Wolfpak Decals at the bottom of the page






Kagero's Pz.Kpfw IV family (Two Scales)

Empire City Decals 3502: Flashpoint T-55s

Peddinghaus Decals 35-1382: Panzer III J/L

Wolfpack Decals 35001: Guntruckin'

Wolfpack Decals 35002: Big Bad n Tracks


Slixx, a set for Lake Speed's 1998 Cartoon Network Ford Taurus

Blue Ridge, a set for the 1998 Miller Lite Ford Taurus driven by Rusty Wallace

Pattos 1/32 1987 Folgers Monte Carlo

Starfighter Decals 2401: Mercury GT-40 Mk.II

Starfighter Decals 2402: Ford GT-40 MkIV - Sebring 1967 Winner

Starfighter Decals 2403: Ford GT-40 Mk.II  - Daytona 1967

Starfighter Decals 2404: Texas Roadrunners - Chaparral 2A USRRC 1964-1965

Starfighter Decals 2405: Texas Roadrunners 2 - Chaparral 2E Can Am 1966

Tabu Design 1/20 Williams FW 16



Superscale 72-302 for aircraft of CAG-2

Superscale 72-299: CAW-3 A-6E, EA-6B, and A-7A

Superscale 72-301: Carrier Air Wing 3.

Microscale's 72-317 for Carrier Air Wing 4

Superscale 72-329: Carrier Air Wing 6

Superscale 72-331 for Air Wing 6

Microscale's 72-410 for CVW-6 aircraft.

Superscale 72-333 for a F9F-2, F-4J and A-7E of CAW-7

Furball Decals FD72-007: Team Factory - CVW-8 At War.

Superscale 72-337: CVW-8

Superscale 72-338: Carrier Air Wing 8

Furball Decals FD48-066: Team Factory - CVW-8 At War.

Superscale 72-421 for CAG 9 US-3A and A-6A

Superscale 72-401 for CVW-10 aircraft

Microscale  sheet 72-493 for various aircraft of CVW-14

Superscale 72-495 for CVW-14 aircraft

Microscale sheet 72-218 for aircraft of CVW-19.

Starfighter Decals 350-22-S: USS Bunker Hill AG-84 - Early 1945

Starfighter Decals 350-54: USS Nimitz CVN 68 1975-1983

Starfighter Decals 700-103: USS Enterprise AG-20/AG(N)-90 Markings 1944/45

Starfighter Decals 700-104: Generic Air Group Markings

Starfighter Decals 700-105: USS Bunker Hill AG-84 - Early 1945

Yellow Wings Decals 72-037: 4x4 series 1


Archers Fine Transfers 35209: US Gauges and Interior Stencils

 Archer Fine Transfers 35210: Generic Placards

Archer Fine Transfers 35211: Interior Placards

Archer Fine Transfers 74001: German Turret Numbers

Archer Fine Transfers 35212: Zimmerit edge Balkencruz

Archer Fine Transfers 74002: US insignia

Archer Fine Transfers 74003: German National Flags

Archer Fine Transfers 35214/5 Instruments and placards

Empire City Decals 3501: Stalin's Diplomat: T-34 Tank

Techmod 72808: Early Tiger I ausf E

Techmod  72806: Tiger I E (mid production)

Toro Models 48D05: Polish Army 1943-45 pt 1


Mike Grant Decals Jet Instrument decals

Mike Grant Decals Instruments

Mike Grant Decals instrument decals


Advanced Modeling 32100: Luftwaffe part 1

Advanced Modeling 32101: Luftwaffe part 2

Advanced Modeling 32201: US Insignia part 2

Fantasy Printshop FP1130: Current Luftwaffe Insignia (1/32)

Euro Decals 32114: US Low-viz insignia and data

Techmod 32022; Finnish AF Insignia and codes 1934-44

Techmod 32023: 1944/45 Finnish AF Insignia and Serials

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 WWII US Insignia (late)

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 Modern US Insignia

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 USAAF/USAF Backing patches

Yellow Wings 32-002: National Insignia for F4F, F2A, SBD

Yellow Wings 32-012: National Insignia for Neutrality Patrol, F4B-4 and BF2C-1


Aeromaster 48-244: RAF late war fighter roundels

Aviaeology AOD48C51: RCAF Red Ensigns 1954 - 65

Advanced Modeling 48100: Luftwaffe Insignia

Berna Decals 48-70: Mirage F.1 & Mirage 2000 codes

Cutting Edge 48-236: NACA/NASA insignia and numbers

Eagle Strike 48-134: Russian Insignia

Eagle strike 48-135 is early British Spitfire and Hurricane roundels

Eagle Strike 48-136 is roundels for mid-late war RAF fighters

Eagle Strike 48-137; Modern US Insignia

Euro Decals 48114: US Low-viz insignia and data

Fantasy Printshop  RAF Fin Flashes

Fantasy Printshop 1947 RAF Roundels

Fantasy Printshop RAF Type A1 roundels

Fantasy Printshop RAF Type 111 roundels

Fantasy Printshop RAF Type 1A roundels

Fantasy Printshop RAF Type 1 roundels

Fantasy Printshop RAF Type A and Type 11 roundels

FCM 48-026: Squadron Emblems - Luftwaffe

Isradecal #5: IDF/AF insignia

Pacific Monograph PMAVI-008: Fresh Kuomintang Chinese Roundels

Pacific Monograph PMAVI-009: Not So Fresh Kuomintang Chinese Roundels

Fantasy Printshop FP1120: Current Luftwaffe Insignia

Kopro 98303: 1/48 WWII Luftwaffe Swastikas Part I

Kopro 98304: 1/48 WWII Luftwaffe Swastikas Part II

Start's 1/48 Emblem der Luftwaffe Band 1

Techmod 48027: German Balkenkreuze

Leading Edge 005/6; RCAF Roundels in 1/72 and 1/48

Techmod 48073: Finnish Insignia and Serials 1934-1944

Techmod 48074: Finnish Insignia and Serials 1944-1945

Turquoise Decals TD-002: Turkish AF Insignia

Fantasy Printshop 1/48 WWII US Insignia (late)

Fantasy Printshop 1/48 Modern USAF Insignia

Fantasy Printshop 1/48 USAAF/USAF Backing patches

Raikisan! Productions A 48005: 1/48 US National Insignia, Late WWII 30" - 50"

Superscale 48-104; Camouflage Insignia part 1

Superscale 48-238: USAF low viz insignia

Superscale 48-899 is USN White national insignia

Superscale 48-976: US Insignia for Operation Torch

Superscale 48-1075, USN full color national insignia

Superscale 48-1083: USN Insignia part 2

Superscale 481265: USAAF insignia 1942-1943

Superscale 481266: USAAF insignia 1943-1947

Yellow Wings 48-018: US Neutrality Insignia

Yellow Wings 48-049: Operation Torch Insignia

Blue Rider 247: Bulgarian Roundels 1944-50

Aviaeology AOD72C50: RCAF Roundels 1948-65

Aviaeology AOD72C51: RCAF Red Ensigns 1954 - 65

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Roundel Type A 1915-29

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Roundel Type A 1915-29

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Roundel Type A 1929-38

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Roundel Type A 1929-38 (white borders)

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Roundel Type A Dull Red/Blue

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Roundel Type A.1 1937-42

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Roundel Type C1-A2

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Roundel Type B

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Roundel Type B.1

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Roundel Type C

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Roundel Type D

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Roundel Type D (white surround)

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Roundel Type D (pale)

Fantasy Printshop  RAF Fin Flashes

Fantasy Printshop 1947 RAF Roundels

Fantasy Printshop RAF Type A1 roundels

Fantasy Printshop RAF Type 111 roundels

Fantasy Printshop RAF Type 1A roundels

Fantasy Printshop RAF Type 1 roundels

Fantasy Printshop RAF Type A and Type 11 roundels

Mike Grant's Modern African Insignia part 1

FRROM FROX02: Belgian Roundels 1940 and earlier

Dutch Decal DD72071: Early Dutch Insignia and Serials

FRROM FROX01: French Roundels 1940 and earlier

Kopro 98307: 1/72 Luftwaffe Chevrons for Fighters

Superscale 72-842, US 'Operation Torch' insignia

 Superscale 48-1264: US type one insignia

Techmod's 72-130, Finnish AF Insignia and Serials 1934-45

Croco's Latvian Insignia

Euro Decals 72114: US Low-viz insignia and data

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 Late WWII US Insignia

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 Modern USAF Insignia 

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 USAAF/USAF Backing Patches

Yellow Wings 72-001: US National Insignia 1919-42 part 1

Yellow Wings 72-015: US Insignia 1919-42 part 2

Yellow Wings 72-024: US Insignia Part 3: June 1942 - June 1943

Yellow Wings 72-025: US Insignia Part 4: Operation Torch

Balkan Models BM-7203: Yugoslav AF Roundels and Flags

Balkan Models BM-7204: Yugoslav AF Numbers

Balkan Models BM-14401: JRF Roundels, Numbers & Flags

Starfighter Decals 72-105: 1930s USN/USMC Insigna and unit markings

RIO 7205 Staffel, Gruppe, & Geschwader markings


Kopro 98305: 1/144 WWII Luftwaffe Swastikas


Starfighter Decals 350-50: USN Insignia May 1942-June 1943


Spares Box Decals 003/004 Letters and Numbers

Spares Box Decals 005/008 Letters and Numbers

Spares Box Decals 006/007 Letters and Numbers (White)

Fantasy Printshop FP 980 and 981 Numbers and Letters WWII - Black

Fantasy Printshop FP 980 and 981 Numbers and Letters WWII - Dull Red

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 German Serials 2.5-7mm

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 German Serials 7.5-9mm

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 German Serials 10-11.5mm

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 German Serials 12.5-13.5mm

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 German Serials 14.5-16.5mm

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 German Serials 15-16mm

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 German Serials 15-16.5mm

Aviaeology AOD72C05: RAF & FAA Serials: 8"

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 RAF Night Fighter Grey Codes (1)

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 Night Fighter Grey Codes (2)

Fantasy Printshop 1/72 Night Fighter Grey Codes (3)

FCM Decals # 48025: Staffel, Gruppe & Geschwader Markings

Aviaeology AOD72C20: Japanese Navy Codes (Yellow)

Aviaeology AOD72C21: Japanese Navy Codes (Red)

Aviaeology AOD72C22: Japanese Navy Codes (Black)

Aviaeology AOD72C23: Japanese Navy Codes (White)

CAM 48-A024: Ship Names

Caracal Models CDB 48002: USAF F-86 Buzz Numbers

Caracal Models CDB 48003: USAF F-80, F-94, T-33 Buzz Numbers

FCM 48024: Luftwaffe numbers for fighters

Superscale 48-994 & 995; White USN 60 degree letters and numbers

Superscale 48-1002: White Letters

Superscale 48-1019: Black ID letters

Superscale 48-1026: Black 36" Letters

Superscale 48-1027: USN 60 degree black numbers

Superscale 48-1147, Black USAF numbers

Superscale 48-1155: USAF 45 degree black letters

Delta Decals 73-013: Arabic numbers

Leading Edge 007/008: RCAF Numbers (early)


AOA Decals SS-002: Tailhook stripes

CAM 32A006: white stencil letters/numbers

Euro Decals FP1080: 1/32 RAF Serials (to 1946)

Euro Decals 32123: Lancaster 48x24x6 Code Letters

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 Prototype markings

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 8" RAF WWII code letters and numbers

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 12" RAF WWII letters and numbers

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 15" RAF WWII letters and numbers

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 16" RAF WWII letters and numbers

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 18" RAF WWII letters and numbers

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 21" RAF WWII letters and numbers

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 24" RAF WWII letters and numbers

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 27" RAF WWII letters and numbers

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 30" RAF WWII letters and numbers

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 24" US 45 degree ID letters

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 36" US 45 degree ID numbers

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 24" & 18" US 45 degree ID numbers  

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 12" and 8" US 45 degree ID numbers

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 18" US 45 degree ID numbers

Fantasy Printshop 1/32 Rocket and Missile Bands



 Superscale 72-284: 1 TFW squadron badges

Superscale 72-300; 49th and 36th TFW squadron badges

Superscale 72-359, 12 TFW badges

Caracal Models CDB48008 SAC Badges and Bands

Caracal Models CDB48007 TAC Fin Markings

Pacific Monograph's PMAVI005: 1/32 CBI Patches



Fantasy Printshop 1/72 Rocket and Missile Bands


Superscale 48-354: AV-8B data markings

MAW Decals 48-MAW-008: Formation lights


AOA Decals 32W-01 Mk-20 Rockeye Stencils

AOA Decals 32W-02 Mk 77 Fire Bomb Stencils


Archer Fine Transfers 1/48 Prop Markings

HobbyDecals stencils for the 1/24 P-51 and Hurricane

HobbyDecal stencils for the 1/32 P-47, P-51 and FW-190

Hobby Decal Stencils for 1/32 Bf-109, Spitfire, Bf-110 and Hurricane

Hobby Decal stencil sheets for the 1/48 P-51, Bf-109, Spitfire, and Bf-110

HobbyDecal stencil Sets for the 1/48 Me-262 and Hurricane


Cutting Edge CED44001, Shuttle Orbiter logo decals

Cutting Edge CED44002, Shuttle Orbiter Tile decals

Real Space 1/144 Space Shuttle

Starfighter Decals SFD-26: Class 1 Starship Markings

Starfighter Decals SFD-27: Class IX Starship Markings

Starfighter Decals SFD-28: Klingon K-type Markings

Starfighter Decals 100: Class IX starship markings

Starship Modeler's 1/72 Flying Tiger

Starship Modeler's Wing Art

Starship Modeler's Cheesecake #2

JBOT 48-08: Star Wars uniform badges and kill markings.


Starfighter Decals 700-70 Postwar Essex Class CV Markings

Starfighter Decals 700-100: Nimitz Class CVN Markings

Starfighter Decals 700-101 USS Enterprise CVN-65  Markings

Starfighter Decals 700-102 USS Yorktown Class CV Markings 1942

Starfighter Decals 700-107: Lexington Air Group 1941-42

Starfighter Decals 700-108: USN Insignia Dec 1941-May 1942

Starfighter Decals 540-100 Essex Class CVS  Markings

Starfighter Decals 540-102 Midway Class CVB  Markings

Starfighter Decals 500-100: Essex Class Decals 1958-91

Starfighter Decals 500-101:USN Cold War Cruisers

Starfighter Decals 350-10s: Air Group 8 USS Hornet - Midway to Santa Cruz

Starfighter Decals 350-11-100: VF-111 Sundowners 1967-69

Starfighter Decals 350-25-S: USN Generic Air Group Markings

Starfighter Decals 350-51: Air Group 5 USS Yorktown Battle of Midway

Starfighter Decals 350-52: Air Group 6/10 USS Enterprise Battle of Midway to Santa Cruz

Starfighter Decals 350-53: USS Enterprise CVN-65 1982-2001

Starfighter Decals 350-110s: VS-24 Scouts 1977-78

Starfighter Decals 144-200 USN Deck and Tractor Markings.

Start's 1/144 Type VII U-Boat Decals

Start's 1/72 Type VII U-Boat Decals

Start 1/72 Type IX U-boat conning tower markings

ULAD 1/72 Type VIIC U-boat part 1

ULAD's Type VIIC U-boat, part 2

ULAD's 1/72 Type VIIC Uboat, part 3


Aeromaster 48-602; Wood paneling for WWI aircraft

Orion Miniatures' WWI German Night Lozenge

Mike Grant Decals rivets

Fantasy Printshop A5 solid color sheets

Fantasy Printshop Stripes, Part 1

Fantasy Printshop Stripes, Part 2

Fantasy Printshop FP 617/618 Stripes

Fantasy Printshop FP 505/506 Stars

Fineline Decals is SBD-001, square photo calibration markings

Fineline Decals SBD-002 is , round photo calibration markings

Furball AeroDesign 48-074: USN Flight Suit Patches

Yellow Wings 48-077: Tricolor prop tips, Hamilton Standard and Curtiss prop logos

Gunsight Graphics 1/48 Fokker Streaked Camouflage

Starfighter Decals SFD-01: Starfleet common markings

Starfighter Decals SFD-10: Klingon Empire common markings

Starfighter Decals SFD-22: Romulan Warbirds


Mike Grant Decals 48034: Air America

Kiwi Decals 1/144 Air Asia A320-200

Kiwi Decals 1/144 Air Asia A330/A340

Runway 30 sheet for the 1/144 Air Europe B.727-200

DRAW decals 20s-737-116: 737-200 doors and windows

DRAW decals 20s-737-C2: 737-200 Corogard panels

DRAW decals 44s-737-77: Piedmont B.737-200

Rareliners 1/144 Air Guinee Boeing 737-200.

Livery Unlimited AGA4-153 for a 1/144 Air 2000 Airbus 321

Red Pegasus Decals 1/48 Asahai Shinbun Bonanza V-35

Liveries Unlimited AGA4-155 1/144 Braniff B.707-327C

Livery Unlimited AGA4-157 for1/144 British Midland Airbus 320 or 321

Leading Edge 72.82: Buffalo Airways C-47

Leading Edge 48.82: Buffalo Airways C-47

Leading Edge 144-08 for Canadian Civil DC-3/C-47

JBOT 400-13-05 for a Canadian North B.737-200

 Red Pegasus Decals 1/48 Lockheed Vega 5B 'Century of Progress'.

Vintage Flyer Decals VFD072-39: Continental DC-9-14/15

Liveries Unlimited AGA4-154 for 1/144 Delta Boeing 737-800

DRAW decals 44s-A3N-32: Dragonair A.320

Eastern Airlines Constellation

IPMS/USA 1984 Convention decal 1/72 Eastern Airlines L 749 Connie

ATP 1/144 B. 707/720/727s of Ethiopian Airlines.

Liveries Unlimited AGA4-151 for1/144 Ethiopian Airlines B.757

Liveries Unlimited AGA2-101 for 1/200 Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767s

IsraLine #1402: El Al Boeing 777-200

Red Gecko Productions: Fire Tankers #2

Underworld Decals ACA-10: Frontier Airlines 737-200

Max Decals 7226; Irish Civil Classics Pt.1

DRAW decals 44s-A3N-16: Jet Blue (Mosaic) A.320

Red Pegasus Decals PC-6/A; Lacy Aviation

Max Decals 4406 for Maersk Airlines

Liveries Unlimited AGA4-152; a 1/144 New York Air Boeing 737-300

Apollodcal 44-011 for 1/144 North American Airlines Boeing 737-800

Apollodcal 44-009 for 1/144 North American Airlines Boeing 757-200

Flight Designs  NorOntair DHC-6 Twotter.

Runway 30 1/144 ONA DC-8

Runway 30 for 1/144 ONA DC-8s (Part II)

1/144 ATP sheet for PSA B.727 and Electra (L.188). 

Liveries Unlimited AGA7-015 for Pan Am Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

Revell 1/125 Pan Am DC-7

Liveries Unlimited sheet for the 1/144 Piedmont Airlines YS-11

Livery Unlimited AGA4-158 for 1/144 SAS Boeing 737-600/700/800

Rareliners 1/144 Trans Caribbean B.727

Livery Unlimited AGA4-156 for 1/144 US Airways B.757  

 Vintage Flyer 200-185, 1/200 Wien Air Alaska B.737-200

Vintage Flyer 1/72 PSA DC-4

JBOT 200-13-07 for Zip Airlines B.737-200

Liveries Unlimited engine logos.

Liveries Unlimited Corroguard inspar panels


Red Pegasus D-17 Staggerwing (1930s)

Red Pegasus' Louise Thadden's Staggerwing (1936)

Red Pegasus Decals 'Miss Foxy Lady' P-51 (1973-75)

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Kagero's Last Hope of the Luftwaffe (three scales)


AIMS 32D011: Monotone Me's

CAM 32-024: Ship Names

HobbyDecal ST32061: AIM-120 Stencils

Dutch Profile Decals: Dutch in the FAA - 1/32

Dutch Decals: 32009, Early Dutch biplanes

Vintage Eagle's Captured Eagles #1 in 1/32 scale


Max Decals 4822; Antarctic Helicopters Pt.I

Eagle Strike 48-150: Vietnam Warriors

Cutting Edge 48-256: Zircus Rosarius part 1

Cutting Edge 48-257: Zirkus Rosarius pt 2

Cutting Edge 48-258: Zirkus Rosarius pt 3

Techmod's Lozenge decals

IPMS Canada special on WWII Canadian Aces

Leading Edge Decals 4867: Golden Centennaires

Leading Edge Decals 48.86: RCAF 401 & 438 Squadrons

Albatros Modelworks #002 "Caribean Falcons" (Cuban Air Force)

Dutch Profile Decals: RNEIF B.339, Hawk 75, P-40N

Dutch Profile Decals: Dutch in the FAA - 1/72 & 1/48

Aztec Decals 48-003: Ecuador AF pt 2

Exito Decals 48013: Eastern Front Fighters Vol.2

Exito Decals 48012: In Enemy Hands

Max Decals 48-14: Irish Air Corps Selection

Max Decals 4821; Irish Air Corps 1922-1956

Max Decals 4820: Irish Air Corps selection 1990-2010

Three Guys Replicas GS48001 on Hub Zemke

Aeromaster has WW2 Hungarian AF aircraft on sheet 48-221

 Isradecals #23 for IAF Helos

Stormo 48008: Italian, German and Croatian Aces 1

TGR 48019; 'In Enemy Hands'

Flevo Decals FD48-014 Korean War

Eagle Strike 48-109: Pearl Harbor attackers: Shokaku

Eagle Strike 48-111: Pearl Harbor attackers: Kaga

Start's 1/48 Luftwaffe im Focus Decals

Start's 1/48 Gerhard Barkhorn

Albatros Modelworks sheet 001: Southern FlyingTigers (Peruvian Air Force)

Exito Decals 48011: Pacific Warriors

Aztec Decal 48-006: Peruvian AF pt 2

Freightdog Models FSD48-007: RAF Over Malaya 1948-55

Kits at War 4/1 for postwar RAF

Model Alliance MA48130: RAF/RN Twin Stick Trainers

Caracal Models CD 48203: S.E.A. Camo A-10 & F-16

Superscale 48-301: South African Air Force

Aeromaster sheet 48-458 on the Spanish Civil War,

SP Decals for Polish Ace Stanislaw Skalski.

Euro Decals 48111: Swedish Draken Tail, Wing Numbers, Unit & Exercise Markings

Exito Decals 48004: Luftwaffe Ground Attackers 1

Three Guys Replicas (TGR) GS48002; Tarheel Ace pt 1

TGR GS48003; Tarheel Ace pt 2

Aeromaster's special, SP48-09, Tokyo Raiders.  

Two Bobs IPMS 2001 decal sheets

Yellow Wings 48-050: Aircraft from the movie "Dive Bomber"

FlightDecs 48-001 for US Jets in Yugoslav Service

Stormo 48001: Italian Aces of WWII

Stormo Decals 48002: Italian WWII Aces part 2

Stormo Decals 48003: Italian WWII Aces part 3

Starfighter Decals 48-15: Operation Leader - USS Ranger North Atlantic 1943

 IPMS/USA 2002 Convention sheet

Impact Decals 48-005, VMA-225 Jet Aircraft Part 2

Impact Decals 48-007, Marine Corps Spirit of '76

AIMS 48D013: Monotone Me's

 Wolfpack Decals 48-001

Wolfpack Decals 48-002

Wolfpack Decals 48-003: Attacking at Night

Wolfpack Decals 48-004: Choppers Galore

Vintage Eagle's Captured Eagles # 1

Aeromaster 48-081: US Aircraft in French Service

 Aeromaster 48-046: US Aircraft in FAA Service

Aeromaster 48-057: Wings over the Sahara


Xtradecal X72194: 70th Anniversary D-Day part 1

Xtradecal X72195: 70th Anniversary D-Day part 2

Xtradecal X72196: 70th Anniversary D-Day part 3

Xtradecal X72197: 70th Anniversary D-Day part 4

Flevo Decals FD144-004 334 Squadron Part1

Blackbird Decals: Agiri Rebellion "Kurdish Uprising"

Blue Rider BR 219: Albanian Air Force

AML 72-020/1: American's in Stalin's Sky

Max Decals 7222; Antarctic Helicopters Pt.I

Dutch Decal DD72070: Aircraft of the AURI 

Aeromaster 72-003 for the Battle of Britain

Blackbird Decals: Bay of Pigs

FreightDog Decals FSD 72-009: Brits Abroad Pt III

Blue Rider 805: Bosnia-Herzogovina 1992/3

Blue Rider BR803: Bosnian Serb air arms.

Delta Decals 72-014: Brits in South East Asia

IPMS Canada special on WWII Canadian Aces

Leading Edge 7267: Golden Centennaires

ABT #27 for Axis Allies

FCM HB72-01 for Battle of Britain aircraft

ABT Decals #24 for 1/72 WWII Belgian Fighters

Empire City Decals 7209: Fighters over China

Cutting Edge 72-114: Cirkus Rosarius

Starfighter Decals 72-137: USN at Coral Sea

 Delta Decals  72002 for Cuban AF circa 1960.

Albatros Modelworks #002 "Caribean Falcons" (Modern Cuban Air Force)

Dutch Profile Decals: RNEIF B.339, Hawk 75, P-40N

Dutch Profile Decals: Dutch in the FAA - 1/72 & 1/48

Blue Rider BR 207: Estonian Air Force 1919-1940

Blue Rider/Insignia's AFS-003: Estonian Air Force 1918-1940

Model Alliance MA72180: Wings and Waves pt 1

Model Alliance MA72181: Wings and Waves pt 2

 Aeromaster 72-192 for the Fleet Air Arm

Aeromaster 72-193: Fleet Air Arm part 2

PT Decal PT7201: French AF

PT Decal PT4802: French Air Force

PT Decal PT3202: l'Armee de l'Air/Aeronaval

Xtradecals X022-72 Gulf War Special #1

Xtradecals X023-72 Gulf War Special #2

Xtradecal's X024-72 Gulf War Special # 3.

Aeromaster Special 72-02 for aircraft of JG 54 'Green Hearts'

Starfighter Decals 72-142: USN Hit and Run raids - Feb-Apr 1942

Blackbird Decals Imperial German Air Service

TGR 72007; 'In Enemy Hands'

Carpena 72-07: Indochina part 2

Max Decals 7221; Irish Air Corps 1922-1952

Max Decals 7216: Irish Air Corps Update 2004

Max Decals 7220; Irish Air Corps 1956-2010

Superscale 72-344: Israeli Air Force

Superscale 72-607 for the Iraqi Air Force

Rising Decal 72070: Japanese Army Aircraft Training Units II

Superscale 72-067: Japanese Aces

Microscale 72-068 and 72-069 for Japanese unit tail markings.

Linden Hill Decals 72023: Kazakhstan Su-27 and MiG-23/27

AIMS 72D015: UK & Commonwealth in Korea

Microscale's 72-244 for US aircraft of the Korean War.

Blue Rider 403, Latvian Air Force

Blue Rider AFS005: Latvian Air Force.

Blue Rider BR400: Lithuanian Air Force

Blue Rider BR807: Lithuanian Air Force (1994).

Luftwaffe im Focus sheet one

Almark C6: Luftwaffe Protection Flights

Aeromaster SP72-01; Luftwaffe Top Guns

Blackbird Decals Libyan Arab Air Force

Starfighter Decals USAAF/USMC at Midway-June 42

AIMS 72D-024: Monotone Me's

Flevo Decals Royal Netherlands Navy Part 1

Dutch Decal DD72068: Various NEI

Carpena 72-25: 'Nam', 1963-1975

Almark S2: New Zealand Air Force

Starfighter Decals 72-153: Operation Torch: November 1942

Starfighter Decals 72-135: Pearl Harbor Defenders

Modeldecal #64 for various RAF acft - 70's/80's

Xtradecal X72156: RAF unit anniversaries 2011/2012

Model Alliance MA72162: RAF ISTARS (RAF Waddington)

Freightdog Models FSD72-011: RAF Post War Collection #1

Model Alliance 72130: RAF and RN Twin Stick Trainers

Almark S1: Royal Navy

Flevo Decals FD72-022 RNAF Historical Flight

Flevo Decals FD72-021: RNAF over Netherlands New Guinea

Aeromaster 72-032: WWII Recon

Insignia Special: Slovenia and Macedonia

Albatros Modelworks sheet 001: Southern FlyingTigers (Peruvian Air Force)

Euro Decals 72110:  Swedish Air Force 1968 Squares in Fluorescent Red and Yellow

Empire City Decals 7210: Lend Lease Heroes

Empire City Decals 7206: Special Attackers

Modeldecal #16: USAF in SEA pt 2

Tasman 7206, three old usn and an aussie f-18

ABT's #43 Spanish Civil War

Xtradecal X72276: Suez Crisis Pt.1

Euro Decals 48110: Swedish Air Force 1968 Fluorescent Squares

Blackbird Decals: Turkish War of Independence

Blue Rider BR 808: Ukraine Air Force 1992-94

Blue Rider 804, Yugoslav Air Force 1992

Aeromaster 72-056, Tora-Tora-Tora part 1

Iliad Designs 72017: Stars in the Sky 3

Starfighter Decals 72-139: USN at Guadalcanal

Starfighter Decals 72-136: USN at Midway 1942

Starfighter Decals 72-154: Operation Leader- USS Ranger North Atlantic 1943

Three Guys Replica's 72-011 'Tuskegee Airmen in Italy'

Microscale 72-056 for US Aces.

Microscale's 72-144 for USAF Mig Killers

Microscale 72-407 for F-86D, F-101B & F-102A. 

Microscale 72-217 for Early T-bird and Blue Angels

Model Alliance MA-72150: USCG Choppers part 1

Delta Decals 72005 for WWI Imperial German Air Service

Ventura 7209; Commonwealth aircraft

IPMS 2003 Nationals Convention sheet

IPMS 2006 Convention Decals

Tasman V7205 (various)

Yellow Wings Decals 72-038: 4x4 series 2



Lift Here Decals LH-119 Special: IL-14 & C-47



Wolfpak Decals. Sheet 72-001

Wolfpak Decals. Sheet 72-002

Wolfpak Decals 72-003

Wolfpak Decals 72-004

Wolfpak Decals 72-005

Wolfpak Decals 72-006

Wolfpak Decals 72-007: Attacking at Night

Wolfpak Decals 72-008: Atlantic Coast Aircraft

Wolfpak Decals 72-009: Weasels, Warhorse and Props 

Wolfpak Decals 72-010: SOF & CSAR

Wolfpak Decals 72-011: Vietnam Sharks

Wolfpak Decals 72-012: Trail Interdictors

Wolfpak Decals 72-013: Mad Ducks.

Wolfpak Decals 72-014: Mildenhall and Ohio

Wolfpak Decals 72-015: PGM Pioneers

Wolfpak Decals 72-016: Sea Birds and Green Hornets

Wolfpak Decals 72-017: Hunter, Hornets & Strikes

Wolfpak Decals 72-018: Working in the Sands

Wolfpak Decals 72-019: Air to Air Warriors

Wolfpak Decals 72-020: Casey's Buc's & FAC's

Wolfpak Decals 72-021: Ladies, Hounds and Sharks

Wolfpak Decals 72-022: Special Operators

Wolfpak Decals 72-023: SAC Silver

Wolfpak Decals 72-024: Alaska Air Command

Wolfpak Decals 72-025: In Country

Wolfpak Decals 72-026: Goin' Camo

Wolfpak Decals 72-027: Electro-Rotary Dynamics

Wolfpak Decals 72-028: FACs

Wolfpak Decals 72-029: Victor Alert

Wolfpak Decals 72-030: Sabres, Corsairs and Demons

Wolfpak Decals 72-031: Sam Busters and Tyke

Wolfpak Decals 72-032: Recce Birds

Wolfpak Decals 72-033: Gone Fishin'

Wolfpak Decals 72-034: Workin' Nights

Wolfpak Decals 72-035: Cripes A'Mighty Marines

Wolfpak Decals 72-036: Pirates in the Mist

Wolfpak Decals 72-037: The Long and Short

Wolfpak Decals 72-038: Birds of Prey

Wolfpak Decals 72-039: Down the Rabbit Hole.

Wolfpak Decals 72-040: Light My Fire

Wolfpak Decals 72-041: Gas N Go

Wolfpak Decals 72-042: Fade to Grey

Wolfpak Decals 72-043: Carolina Dreamin'

Wolfpak Decals 72-044: Thunder and LITENING

Wolfpak Decals 72-045: Snake Eyes

Wolfpak Decals 72-046: Guarding the Skies

Wolfpak Decals 72-047: Mr. Bones Neighborhood.

Wolfpak Decals 72-048: TAC-Air

Wolfpak Decals 72-049: Back in Black

Wolfpak Decals 72-050: Train like you fight

Wolfpak Decals 72-051: Welcome to the Jungle

Wolfpak Decals 72-052: Purple Haze

Wolfpak Decals 72-053: Seek & Destroy

Wolfpak Decals 72-054: Hot & Cold

Wolfpak Decals 72-055: Beeps and Squeeks.

Wolfpak Decals 72-056: Night Mares

Wolfpak Decals 72-057: Shadows of the Knight

Wolfpak Decals 72-058: Spirits in the Material World

Wolfpak Decals 72-059: Fighters and Targets

Wolfpak Decals 72-060: Black Ops

Wolfpak Decals 72-061: Red Eye

Wolfpak Decals 72-062: Lightning's Strike

Wolfpak Decals 72-063: Tiger Tiger

Wolfpak Decals 72-064: Stars in their Courses

Wolfpak Decals 72-065: Rattling Sabers

Wolfpak Decals 72-066 'Screaming Demons'

Wolfpak Decals 72-067 'Tophat and Tails'

Wolfpak Decals 72-068 'Yipes Stripes!'

Wolfpak Decals 72-069 'Smoke in the Air'

Wolfpak Decals 72-070 ' Feeling the Heat'

Wolfpak Decals 72-071 ' Hunters and Gatherers'

Wolfpak Decals 72-072 'Gamblers'

Wolfpak Decals 72-073 'Raptors Talons'

Wolfpak Decals 72-074 'Running the Gauntlet'

Wolfpak Decals 72-075 'Riders on the Storm'

Wolfpak Decals 72-076 'Hauling the Mail'

Wolfpak Decals 72-077 'Bandits'

Wolfpak Decals 72-078 'Moody Blues'

Wolfpak Decals 72-079: Good Morning Vietnam

Wolfpak Decals 72-080: A flash of lightning

Wolfpak Decals 72-081: SAC Time

Wolfpak Decals 72-082: Dogs of War

Wolfpak Decals 72-083: Bad Muthas

Wolfpak Decals 72-084: Hell's Belles

Wolfpak Decals 72-085: Eye See You

Wolfpak Decals 72-086: RAM Tough

Wolfpak Decals 72-087: The Devil Made Me Do It

Wolfpak Decals 72-088: The Drop of a Hat

Wolfpak Decals 72-089: Checkmates

Wolfpak Decals 72-090:  Steel Tiger

Wolfpak Decals 72-091:  YGBSM

Wolfpak Decals 72-092:  Shifting Sands

Wolfpak Decals 72-093:  Jammin'

Wolfpak Decals 72-094: Shaken and Stirred

Wolfpak Decals 72-095: Jokers Wild

Wolfpak Decals 72-096: East of Eden

Wolfpak Decals 72-097: Rumble in the Jungle

Wolfpak Decals 72-098: On Guard

Wolfpak Decals 72-099: The Grim Reaper Cometh

Wolfpak Decals 72-100: Century Mark

Wolfpak Decals 72-101: Diamonds in the Sky

Wolfpak Decals 72-102: Club Med

Wolfpak Decals 72-103: Pony Rides

Wolfpak Decals 72-104: Death with Finesse

Wolfpak Decals 72-105: Splintered

Wolfpak Decals 72-106: Over Here

Wolfpak Decals 72-107: Thunder over Europe

Wolfpak Decals 72-108: Wild Things

Wolfpak Decals 72-109: Blood, Sweat & Valor

Wolfpak Decals 72-110: Don't call me Shirley

Wolfpak Decals 72-111: Spirits in the Sky

Wolfpak Decals 72-112: Devil's Fork

Wolfpak Decals 72-113: Fighting Cocks

Wolfpak Decals 72-114: Star Fighters

Wolfpak Decals 72-115: The Searchers

Wolfpak Decals 72-116:Release the Hounds

Wolfpak Decals 72-117: Aces High

Wolfpak Decals 72-118: Shamal

Wolfpak Decals 72-119: Bolt out of the Blue

Wolfpak Decals 72-120: USAFE

Wolfpak Decals 72-121: Bad Animals

Wolfpak Decals 72-122:Passing the Test

Wolfpak Decals 72-123:Cruising

Wolfpak Decals 72-124: Rebels with a Cause

Wolfpak Decals 72-125: Last of the Mohicans

Wolfpak Decals 72-126: SHARUR

Wolfpak Decals 72-127: Roll them Bones

Wolfpak Decals 72-128: Giant Voice

Wolfpak Decals 72-129: Isn't it a Daisey

Wolfpak Decals 72-130: Dragons

Wolfpak Decals 72-131: Flying Fiends

Wolfpak Decals 72132: Raider's Lance

Wolfpak Decals 72133: Fifth Generation

Wolfpak Decals 72134:  Banditos

Wolfpak Decals 72135:  Diamonds in the Rough


Wolfpak Decals 10-12: 2010 Thanks

Wolfpak Decals 11-12 2011 Thanks

Wolfpak Decals 12-13 Thanks

Wolfpak Decals 12-14 Thank you

Wolfpak Decals 12-15 Thank You

Wolfpak Decals 12-16; Thank You

Wolfpak Decals 12-17: Thank You

Wolfpak Decals 12-18: Thank You

Wolfpak Decals 12-19: Thank You


Wolfpak Decals 144-001:Heavy Metal.

Wolfpak Decals 144-002: Dancing in the Dark

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