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Model Alliance 489008 for a Sea Harrier FA.2

Tiger Wings 1/48 Shenyang F-8IIM

Aeromaster 48-332 for the Sopwith Camel

Eagle Strike 48-129 for the Sopwith Camel

Spada Decals CLL SoCam/07: 112 Sq RAF and 3 Sq RNAS Camels.

Spada Decals CLL SoCam/08: Camels in Foreign Hands

Aeromaster 48-745: Sopwith Triplanes at war pt 1

Aeromaster 48-746: Sopwith Triplanes part 2

Starfighter Decals 72-130: AEF Showbirds Part 2 (SPAD XIII)

Aeromaster 48-576 for Spad Aces

 FCM 32-003 for the SPAD XIII


3D-Kits Rotol Spitfire Mk.I/II Decals

Aeromaster 72-141 for RAAF Spitfires

Aeromaster 72-201 for US Spitfires

Almark C1: Battle of Britain

Carpena 72-18; Exotic Spitfires part 3

FreightDog Decals FSD 72-008: Post war RAF Spitfires

Model Alliance MA-72131: Recon Spitfires part 1

 Model Alliance MA-72133: Recon Spitfires part 3

Aeromaster  1/48 sheet 48-042 for Spitfire V

Aeromaster 48-123 for the Spitfire VIII / IX

Aeromaster 48-443 for the Seafire

Aeromaster 48-465 for Spit V, VIII & IX

Aeromaster 48-549 for the Spitfire

Aeromaster 48-577 for the Yanks in the RAF(Spits and Hurricanes)

Aeromaster 48-580 for Post D-Day Spitfires

Aeromaster 48-597: Malta pt 1

Aeromaster 48-598: Malta pt 2

Aeromaster 48-618: Spitfire XIV Aces

Aeromaster 48-624 for US Spitfires

Aeromaster 48-679: Battle of Britain pt 1 - Spitfire I/II

Aeromaster 48-680: Battle of Britain pt II - Spitfire I/II

Aeromaster 48-682: After the Battle Spitfire Vs

Aeromaster 48-769: Seafires at War pt 1

Aeromaster 48-770: Seafire at War part 2

Aeromaster 48-779: Aussie Spitfires pt 3

Aeromaster 48-780: Aussie Spitfires pt 4

Cutting Edge 48-235 for the Spitfire Vb

Eagle Strike 48-061 for the Spitfire IX

Eagle Strike 48-160: Late Spitfires pt 1

Eagle Strike 48-161 for late mark Spitfires pt II

Eagle Strike 48-211: Spitfire - End of the Line pt 2

Eagle Strike 48-212: Spitfire-End of the Line pt III

Eagle Strike 48-241: Spitfire, end of the line part 4

Eagle Strike 48-227: US Spitfires part 1

Eagle Strike 48-228: US Spitfires part 2

Eagle Strike 48-229: US Spitfires part 3

Kagero's Polish Spitfires (also in 1/72 and 1/32)

Pyn-up 48-008 for the Supermarine Spitfire

Superscale 48-722 for Spitfire IX Aces

Superscale 48-807 for RAAF Spitfire Mk. VIIIs

Superscale  48-826 for 31 FG Spitfire Vb

Superscale 48-1016: Aussie Spitfires

Techmod 48-024 for 145 Squadron Spitfires

Victory Productions Decals 48006: Spitfire aces


Aeromaster 32-019: After the Battle Spitfire V's

Dutch Profile Decals: Postwar Spitfires and a Swordfish

Superscale 32-008: RAAF Spitfire Vc

HobbyDecal's 1/24 Spitfire stencil sheets

Techmod 24006: Spitfire Vb


OLUJ D-Cals 1/48 Super Cub

 IsraDecals #29 and #30 for the IAF Super Mystere B2

Aeromaster's sheet 48-480 for 1/48 Swordfish I


Natural Born Modelers JD-34: Kawasaki T-4 - 3 WG 50th Anniversary

Isradecal #73: IAF Mosquito and Texan/Harvard

 Eagle Strike 48-130 for Korean War T-6 Texans

Caracal Models CD 48008: T-6 Texan II

Superscale 72-322: T-28 Trojan

Aeromaster 48-613 for the T-28 Trojan

Aeromaster 48-614 for T-28 Trojans pt II

Aeromaster 48-266 for Korean War T-33s

Aeromaster 48-267 for Korean War T-33s

Aztec Decal's 48-002 for the T-33 Shooting Star.

Expert's Choice 48-060 on ADC T-33 Shooting Stars

Leading Edge Decals 32.25 CAF T-33 Metal/Red scheme

Superscale MS320255: T-33 Shooting Stars

Superscale MS320256: T-33 Shooting Star

Leading Edge #05 for the 'Silver Shark' T-33

T-33 Sheets 48-14 and 48-15 from Leading Edge.

Leading Edge 48-42 for the CT-133 Shooting Star

Microscale 48-180 for Guatemalan and Nicaraguan T-33s.

Microscale 48-184 for Latin American T-33s

Microscale/Superscale 72-133 for the T-33 Shooting Star

Superscale 72-603 for the T-33 Shooting Star 

Microscale's 72-253 for the Cessna T-37

Superscale 48-904 for the T-38A

Superscale 48-905 for T-38s

Two Bobs 48-063 for the T-38A Talon

Two Bobs 48-064 for the T-38A Talon


Yellow Wings 72-002: TBD Devestator

Yellow Wings 72-026: TBD-1 Devastator

Eagle Strike 48-162 for the TBD Devastator

Starfighter Decals 4801: TBD-1 Devastators in War Paint

Yellow Wings 48-001 on the TBD Devastator for VT-2 and VT-5

Yellow Wings 48-002 1/48 TBD Devestator: VT-3 and VT-6

Yellow Wings 48-003: TBD Devastator fuselage bands, wing stripes and unit badges

Yellow Wings 48-004: B&W pinstriping

 Yellow Wings 48-005: US Insignia 1919-41.

Yellow Wings 48-006 for the TBD-1 Devastator

Superscale 72-801: TBM Avenger

Superscale 72-894: TBM Avengers

Superscale 72-895: TBM Avengers

Microscale 48-567 for the TBM-3 Avenger.

Microscale/Superscale 48-016 for TBMs

Superscale 48-740 for TBM Avengers

Superscale 48-819: TBM-3 Avenger

Superscale 48-1051: 'Lost Squadron' TBM Avengers

Eagle Strike 32-072: Avengers pt II

Eagle Strike 32-073: Avengers part III

Montex K32019: TBM-3 Avenger

Superscale 32-214: TBM-3 Avenger

Superscale 32-215: TBM-1/1C Avenger

Aeromaster 48-328 for the Tempest.

Aeromaster 48-329 for the Tempest V/VI

Aeromaster 48-330 for the Hawker Tempest

Model Alliance 72106: Tornado F.3

Model Alliance 72128 Tornado GR.4

Model Alliance 48128: Tornado GR.4; 60th anniversary tonkas

EuroDecals 32001: Operation Telic Tonkas

Techmod 72042: Typhoon Ib

Aeromaster 48-284 for the Hawker Typhoon

Aeromaster 48-373 for the Typhoon

Techmod 32021: Hawker Typhoon Ib


Cutting Edge 48-152 for the U-2

Cutting Edge 48276; U-2/ER-2 Dragon Lady

FCM 144031: HU-16 Albatros

Superscale 72-184 for the HU-16 Albatross


Cutting Edge v1v2

Eurodecals 72103: Worldwide Vampires

Eurodecal 48103; Worldwide Vampires.

Isradecals #27 for the IAF Vautour in 1/48

Isradecals #28 on IAF Vautours in 1/72

Eurodecals 48-105: RAF Venoms

Euro Decals 72-001 for the Handley Page Victor

Euro Decals 72112: Swedish Air Force Viggen big wing numbers, fin numbers, fin triangles and 3000 Hrs. markings


Cutting Edge 48-275 for the Westland Wyvern


Cutting Edge 32-040: X-1

Cutting Edge 32-041 for the X-1E


Aeromaster 48-525 for Russian Yaks

Aeromaster 48-622 for various Yaks

Aeromaster 48-642 on Yak fighters

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