How Do I.....?

This page is where you will find some answers to common questions. Some of these will be in the form of kit reviews were the various techniques have been demonstrated in step by step sequence. If there is a technique that you would like shown, send me an e-mail. If enough requests are made, then we'll see what we can do to help out.

The Mystical Beginnings

Building a model using a resin interior/wheels

Build an Airliner Model

Build a Resin Model

Fix broken landing gear

Get scratches out of clear parts

Paint Resin Bases for my aircraft models

Build a Resin Modern USN Flight Deck

Take good model photos

Do a Wash

Bob Laskodi adds more on taking Photos

 Joel Hamm Tells us how to make Vacuformed Canopies

Build a simple base for armor kits - Bill Michaels

Make miniature power sanders- Joel Hamm 

Casting your own Parts - Joel Hamm 

Make an inexpensive paint mixer - Joel Hamm 

How to make your own decals NEW