All across the US and in other places around the world, obsolete aircraft are on display.
Some are in museums, but others are placed on poles in war memorials and others in parks.
This page is dedicated to those on poles.

If you have an old warrior in your area that you'd like to share with readers, send in a good scan of it and I'll put it in this page.  Images will be resized to 640 pixels across if larger than that. Please do not send in replicas.
Please limit yourself to sending in
no more than one a month as I don't want to be swamped with entries.
Send them to this e-mail address only and include information on:
 plane type, location, date photographed, serial number and any unit markings it may be in.
It HAS to be on a plinth or pole(s).

Because of comments of long load times, I've put 25 images per page.
The last page is the most recently updated.

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