Kit Research Features

Modeling Madness seems to have started something here. So much, in fact, that it needs its own section to keep track of things.

If  you would like to do similar research on your favorite brand or aircraft type, please do so. This will be a great research tool for collectors and those seeking a specific kit. I can tell you that I will change little or nothing of your presentation, I only ask that you keep it simple with little more than tables in it. This is to try to prevent the problems that arise from using formats that are not totally compatible with what I use as an editing tool.

Hasegawa 1/72 Kits -- Input to  Scott Van Aken  -  Updated  1 May 2006

Hasegawa 1/48 Kits -- Input to Tony Hodun Updated  February 2015
                        US/Brit        Japanese        German/Italian        Jets 1   Jets 2 

Hobbycraft 1/48 Kits -- Input to Tony Hodun
 Bf-109s    German Bombers    F-94/T-33    Light Aircraft    British Fighters    A-4 Skyhawks   USAAF Pursuit Fighters    USN Fighters Updated 18 November 2005

Fujimi 1/48 Kits -- Input to Tony Hodun 
Bf-109s Updated 20 May 2003

1/72 FW-190/Ta-152 research project   Input to Brian Baker  - Updated 23 October 2002

European MiG kits, a look into the MiG-21 by Laurent Stern